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Post  Breitenstine on Fri Mar 16, 2012 3:38 am

Hey all,
Figured I would start up a bit of a discussion about different ideas for new and different strategy. The one I am working on I call "Run and Gun". Those of you in the Dub and Destroy game say it executed well. Those in the internal game saw it executed poorly. Premis is this "It is all about the economy stupid", "Hit them fast and where it hurts", keep moving, finally keep them blind.

Ok so this is how I have tried it so far.
"It is all about the economy stupid" - Basically, you try and find any target on their soil that you have a chance at taking, really trying to look for high value targets. The idea is when you take a province it's moral goes to like next to nothing which kills the output for that resource even when they retake it, and if they do retake it they have to leave more people stationed there to keep it from revolting. In this senario it doesn't matter if it revolts or they recapture because you are just after their production. Also, added bonus seen in Dub game, if the province revolts to a neutral around you then they basically have lost it since they won't try to take it back from an NPC.

"Hit them fast and where it hurts" - For a long time I was against armored cars but this is a way I have found to use them effectively. Early in the game if you get your hands on some they won't lose moral when you keep moving from province to province like troops. Since Troops "Absorb" the moral of the province and also get worn out it keeps your force fresh while the enemy is chancing you trough low moral provinces. you just took. Also, it only works when you hit the other person fast, and where they are not expecting it so that is kind of a trick. Also, armored cars can stay at sea without a moral drop, regulars move to 50% moral. You got to keep moving forces all over the place if the person pins you down in a big showdown you will lose. However, it seems once you ar on their ground only a few try to counterstrike your country and then only half heartedly (Again see dub game).

Lastly, keeping them blind. I run 2 counter op spies and keep switching them in provinces everyday. Not sure if it makes a huge difference but seems to catch more spies that way. If you are at sea the standard is for the other guy to send out a handful of 1 units to your shore to keep an eye on you. I give them 1-2 days for their moral to drop and then send a "cleanup crew" of 2-3 units maybe a car to wipe them out. They can't have good eyes on you for this to work it turns out!

Let me know what you think,
Seems to work better in Vs. games then FFAs because it isn't great against NPCs, they respond too quick, you really are partly relying on the lag it takes for a play to log on, get what your doing and react in a good way to you.



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Post  Master2124 on Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:23 pm

I like what you've done here Bre. Well said. I must differ when it comes to amored cars. I will admit they are good for scouting and such early on, but their speed is lowered to that of your slowest unit when in an army. Put this as an example:

You combined 1 AC with a division of 10 inf and an arty piece. Granted, morale will increase, but this counter acts will your "run and gun" concept. Speed is a must in that circumstance.

Building them early on is not worth it. They take a chunk out your oil reserves. The only country that can really do this early enough to make an impact is morrocco, which in the D&D game Bre did well.

Your run and gun was very useful in the D&D game. YOu curshed the morale of Spain, and then swept them up. Ive used that strategy many times myself.

I like how this alliance did in the D&D game. We are on the track to victory. As for the CoC, we are in trouble. HP is gone due to a loggin issue with Piffmen and Trimz sending very few men quickly to his support. Bre also made a mistake by letting the Ottomans land. THis cant be countered however, due to Austria and Ottoem having a RoW with Portugual.

Trimz (spain) needs to send scouts and hold the water. Piffmen needs to stop wasting troops in Denmark and scout Sweden. Im holding my line, and sending men to support Bre, and HP is sending his army, or whats left of it, to help Bre as well.



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